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Australia a country where ages stop, athletic physiques, craze for sports, dynamic and vibrant aura of this country attracts the 1st rank itself among the top 10 tourist destinations. There are total 5 cities in Australia and every city has its own significance, something or the other is special about every single city. Among the entire most wanted city considered by the tourists is Melbourne famous for sports and livable environment although Sydney is also considered as famous but due to some other positive characteristics. For Melbourne being the favorite spot for the abroad people the most worth mentioning point is the food. Greek, Spanish and Italian there are almost all the cuisines easily available for every race, culture and mindset, this can be evident from the fact the Australian Chefs come all the way from everywhere to Melbourne in order to show their talents in the field of cooking. The Australia Master Chef contest is one of the basic examples of whatever has been stated above. Go here  for more information about outback adventure tours.  

We all are aware of the Cup Horse Race, there is no country in this world which follows the horse race so religiously, belief it or not every year, first Tuesday of November has been decided for this event, where people come and stay stun until the race ends. Gamble on the horse race some wins and some enjoys event their defeat. Done with the race there is a famous river ‘Yarra River’ one can easily enjoy the great ocean road and Grampians tour and see the Melbourne from the different eye and expectations. Breath taking weather and always ready to enjoy beach are some of the qualities found only in Melbourne City. We all have heard about different species which most of the national parks preserve, but in Melbourne the nature for love is tremendous they have ‘Botanic Garden’ where one can witness some rare types of plants, a garden covers almost 34 hectares with around more than 8000 types of plants is truly an inspiration for the future gardeners. In order to make this visit even more desirable the authorities situate open air cinema which means one can enjoy his/her favorite movie under the shelter of the sky and stars.

Since the city is so famous for the sports, how come the discussion ends without talking about the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCB)? A place which can accommodate 100000 viewers at a time makes it as one of the largest cricket stadium in the world. Furthermore, they have a museum of Olympic Games and football which catches every tourist’s eye undoubtedly, all in all Melbourne city is the heart of Australia. There are so many other places which actually tell the mesmerizing attributes of this city. What to say? Melbourne is such a dynamic city with so much to offer one can settle their for life and live lively.