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Doors are not only used for passageway, they are used for many purposes like safeguarding, ventilation and they can also provide shadow from the light. Doors are used in different fields; every field uses the door according to their purpose. For example, for the residential places, we use doors for passageway or some people may use it for the decoration, these doors are made for that particular purpose only while the doors used in commercial or industrial places are designed differently, they are not only used for passageway, but they can be used for ventilation too. Residential doors are designed for a good and pleasant vision, these doors are often decorated, on the other hand, commercial roller doors have different purpose so they are designed differently, including more functions and stronger properties, and they are not decorated and designed for the purpose of a good vision. Commercial roller doors are more expensive than residential doors because of its multi functionality and strength. Commercial roller doors are custom designed and tailored according to the requirement, because every commercial place has its own need of the particular sized gate. The differences between the best commercial roller doors and residential doors are as follows:  

Size and thickness:

The commercial roller doors Melbourne are tailored according the request, so the size depends on the requirements. This is a major difference between a commercial roller door and residential doors; they are made thicker so that they stay strong and durable. While, residential doors are not that strong and thick, they are also smaller in size than commercial roller doors. Commercial roller doors are thick because they contain more functionality and insulation in it


Commercial roller doors have more mechanism and hardware in the interior of the doors. Commercial roller doors have functions in it therefore it contains mechanism in it. Commercial roller doors are more efficient because they have many functions that a residential door can’t do, they are also used for ventilation system as well as they are designed in such a way that they don’t break or get dents easily.


One of the biggest difference between commercial roller doors and residential doors is the cost, commercial roller doors are far more expensive than residential doors because of their multi functionality, they are used in big industries for different purposes as well as they are bigger in size. They use better quality material when compared to residential doors that are made of woods or metal sometimes.

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