Cast Iron Bath At Antique Baths

Antique Bath is an Australia-based company that provides the best and antique baths to Australians. We provide various services like making cast iron baths, bath resurfacing in brisbane cost, bath restoration, and many more bathroom making and bath-related services. We believe in serving the best and antique baths to our lovely customers. We are the only cast iron bath makers in Australia. Please note that we provide our services in Australia only.

What are cast iron baths?

A cast iron baths are the ones that are composed of porcelain bonded with iron and then enamelled to protect it from getting damaged. The enamel coating makes the bathtub extraordinarily robust and resistant to chipping. It is highly resistant to scratches and hard blows due to its iron properties. Because cast iron is meant to absorb heat naturally, this bathtub will keep a balance of water temperatures for considerably longer, providing a more enjoyable bathing experience.

Cast iron baths do have one downside: their excessive weight, despite many of their character qualities. Due to the properties of cast iron, cast iron bathtubs were amongst the heaviest of bathtub materials. Because of the added weight, not every bath place can use this material unless special measures are made for sustaining the bathtub at maximum capacity.

What makes the cast iron baths at Antique baths unique?

Cast iron baths are our specialty, and we will make sure that this specialty of ours remains in the future, too, as we have been working tirelessly to improve these. We tend to provide the best and only cast iron baths in Australia.

  1. Excellent material

We use the best quality porcelain fused cast iron for the making of these bathtubs. We make sure that the material used for the cast iron baths is excellent in terms of quality. We ensure the quality of material used so that the tubs last longer.

  1. Unique designs

The designs of our cast iron baths are our class. Our unique designs make our bathtubs more demanding in the market. The unique designs are designed using antique design patterns, which make them stand out.

  1. Timely delivery

One of the most striking characteristics of us is that we deliver the cast iron baths on time. These heavy-to-lift bathtubs are hard to move. But the timely delivery promised to the client is always made so that they get satisfied.

  1. Strong, durable, and everlasting

Our bathtubs are strongest and heaviest so that they can revisit any wear and tear. We make sure that our tubs are strongest to resist anything in the bath area.

  1. Amazing client reviews

We have gotten fantastic customer reviews throughout our journey which keeps us going. Look here