Looking For High-quality, Reasonably Cost Timber Windows

Huntingdale Windows has established a reputation for offering high-quality windows at competitive prices. Homeowners and renovators need go no further than huntingdalewindows for timber double hung windows in melbourne. Aluminium double hung windows may provide both old and modern buildings a timeless, refined appeal. Double hung windows have a European aesthetic and the practical advantages of aluminium. They are also very simple to open and provide excellent ventilation. Our double hung windows enable for interior cleaning of both glass surfaces, making them ideal for high homes and spaces with privacy screens. Customers can purchase these windows from us for incredibly low costs. Due to their timeless quality, our timber double hung windows are continually well-liked by our clients. They enhance the historic appearance of older structures and lend a traditional touch to contemporary designs because they are appropriate for both new and ancient residences. Additionally, because you may open the window from the top or bottom as necessary, they make it simpler to regulate the air flow in your house.


The double hung window is ideal for imitating classic Australian architectural styles, whether you’re starting a renovation or restoration. With our counterbalance or conventional double hung windows in Melbourne, you now have even more options.

  • The sashes in a traditional double hung window are manipulated manually, either up or down, on hidden springs.
  • The counterbalanced double hung window allows for the effortless sliding of both panes in a single motion. Both include a sash that is easily detachable for painting purposes.

The value of timber sliding doors

A versatile and practical option for today’s contemporary way of life are timber sliding doors. Timber doors come in a variety of designs, dimensions, and coatings. Numerous glazing choices, including double glazing for improved thermal performance and soundproofing, are available to satisfy BAL criteria. Timber sliding doors are a great method for Melbourne residents and business owners to make the most of the light and space in their homes and offices.Additionally, screen doors come in a variety of designs.

A Flexible Choice

Offices, residences, and commercial structures can all benefit from using timber sliding doors in Melbourne. Timber sliding doors are simpler for anyone to use than doors with hinges and handles. Sliding doors can complement both contemporary and traditional interior design since they offer a basic aesthetic that is often quite adaptable.

Made using Sturdy Materials

It’s a common misconception that wooden sliding door frames are significantly weaker than their metal and uPVC counterparts. But with high-quality timber door frames made of materials like cedarwood and hardwood, we at Huntingdale Windows ensure that what we provide endures and retains strength over time. For more details you can visit our website here http://www.huntingdalewindows.com.au/