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nappy cakes Auckland

Handmade presents called “nappy cakes” are made for the parent of a baby. Diaper cakes, also known as baby cakes or nappy cakes Auckland, are a beautiful centrepiece for a baby shower and are very well-received by expectant parents! Their resemblance to a cake in construction gives them their name! They’re not edible, but they are packed with fantastic baby things to make a really cool cake gift!  crafted using a variety of colourful objects, including a hat, onesies, shirts, socks, a blankie, and many other useful little items. You or the receiver of the present will undoubtedly appreciate the work, effort, and love that went into making these beautiful gifts! You will not wish to untangle one of these uniquely crafted items!   

Easy to Order

Each nappy cake Auckland is made specifically for each of our clients, either on request or with a predetermined colour scheme in mind. You may let us do the rest if all you know is that you need a nappy cake with a girl, boy, or neutral theme!

Get at Nappycakes

Not a single nappy cake is the same twice; they are all unique. Each nappy cake ingredient list varies according to the stock and colours that are available at the moment.

Our products

In addition to baking and decorating customised cakes and cakes ordered online, we also sell cake-decorating products from our Auckland business. In addition, we hire cake tins, print edible designs, and provide a bake-only service.

Cakes for special occasions

We just like creating delectable desserts for every celebration! We create celebration cakes Auckland for all of life’s major occasions, including birthdays, weddings, business gatherings, baby showers, and much more. Our talented bakers will take great pleasure in crafting a unique cake, particularly for you. We can create custom cakes in an enormous variety of forms and tastes. And when it comes to birthday cakes in Auckland, we are obviously experts! What kind of cake are you in need of? We are able to create delectable cakes such as chocolate, red velvet, cupcakes, gluten-free, eggless, and many others. Which kind of cake—one with several layers or just one? Just let us know what you need or get in contact with our team to learn more. We provide delivery throughout Auckland. If you would like, you can also always pick up your cake from our store! Our great clients may get our collection of cake decorating supplies sent to any mainland location, thanks to our delivery service from Auckland.

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